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Fish ID & Hunting Techniques

Identify and find fish underwater

How well do you know your target species?

One of the questions asked the most apart from 'How do I hold my breath longer?" is "where is the best place to go out locally and what will I see?"

So to answer this question we have added a little local knowledge about the species around Canterbury and the rest of New Zealand.

The reason we should know a little more about your target spearfishing species is so you can become more effective when you are in the water. This can result in you knowing the best sea and wind conditions to hunt in and to make sure you are searching in the right area.

Safety is the most inportant thing when spearfishing in Christchurch. Make sure you adopt the proper use of the buddy system (one up/one down rule), don't freedive deeper than the maximum depth of theshallowest diver. This is in the event you blacked out and needed  to be rescued. If you are deeper than the ability of your buddy then you may not be able to be rescued.

Spear fishing is not a tag and release sport so be aware of your regions MPI regulations. Just because you see a fish, doesn't mean you have to shoot it. So please be selective and respect your local environment.

We hope this will help you be more efficient underwater and enjoy your spearfishing experience more.

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