Plastic Panic – the invisible plastic polluting our oceans

plastic bottle pollution

71% of our planet’s surface is covered in water. Oceans, lakes, rivers, ice caps, glaciers… It is essential to our existence, yet along with our forests, we are progressively – but faster than you think – destroying it. Our sources of survival, and we are the ones ruining them, depriving ourselves. It isn’t your problem? […]

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 Daydream of the West

dive Fiji

Nananu-I-Ra; the name itself conjures up spectacular images of somewhere warm and tropical, but once you discover that the English translation of the Fijian name is ‘Daydream of the West’ it takes it to a whole other level. Breath-taking white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, listening to the soft lapping of the ocean while you […]

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 Are we Finding Dory, or Losing Dory?


With just over a week to go, I am getting increasingly excited about the release of Pixar’s new film, Finding Dory. After marveling at the accuracy when portraying the underwater world in Finding Nemo, I look forward to seeing what new levels Pixar will go to in their most recent masterpiece. Following the story of […]

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