Competition time! Enriched Air Course


As a diver you know that you are limited on bottom time due to the Nitrogen we breathe in.  When diving 16 metres or shallower, you can stay for up to an hour if you have enough air.  But go a little deeper and your bottom time is reduced dramatically. Well why not extend your […]

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 Competition time! PADI Rescue Diver course!


PADI Rescue diver Scuba diving is a great sport and like any activity it is not without its risks, and that is what attracts some divers. Other divers pick up the sport for the weightlessness, to see the beautiful marine life, or as an added activity for their vacations. These are all great reasons and […]

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 Akita’s Favorite Dive Site Revealed


Meet Akita Kees, who works for Dive HQ Christchurch as a Dive Instructor and Dive Shop Retail Superstar.  Akita qualified as a Dive Instructor with Dive HQ Christchurch, completing her Diploma in Scuba Diving in 2016.  Akita enjoys taking new divers out for their Open Water and follows  them through their Advanced Open Water and […]

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 Kane’s favorite dive site revealed

Kane2 (2)

This Newsletter is the first in a series to tell you about the fabulous team working here at Dive HQ Christchurch, and their favourite dive sites. Meet Kane Clare, who works for Dive HQ Christchurch as a Dive Instructor and Dive Shop Retail Superstar. Kane qualified as an Instructor with Dive HQ Christchurch, completing his […]

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 Chasing Nudibranchs

Pair of nudibranchs

After many years of Scuba diving I have managed to search the ocean flora and fauna to hunt for nudibranchs. Some of you will be asking yourself what a nudibranch is, let alone how to find one? So what are they? Well they are a group of soft jelly-bodied gastropod molluscs. There are over 3000 […]

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 My First PADI Certifications (You could be next)

Divers are cool

My first certification came from co teaching a local PADI Open Water dive course with an experienced instructor. The first two Open Water dives were at Lake Coleridge and we completed the last day at Wainui over on the Banks Peninsular, the weather was awesome! Sun shining, no wind, and flat bay to dive in. […]

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 Coral Gardening – Building Healthy Coral Reefs

Coral Reef and Island

“Don’t Touch The Coral” If you have ever been diving or snorkeling by a beautiful coral reef, you would have heard the strict instructions not to touch, or break the delicate coral which takes years to grow.  We are increasingly aware of the threats to our underwater ecosystems caused by bleached and damaged coral, but […]

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