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Creative Ideas for a Failed Scuba Tank

Scuba tanks eventually wear out, which is why it is important to follow the regulations on getting your tank tested.  You wouldn’t want to be diving with a tank that was compromised in any way due to dents, rust, or cracks.  Here at Dive HQ Christchurch, on the occasion that a tank fails a Hydro or Visual test, our customers often leave the tanks with us and we make sure they are disposed of.  Then there are some customers who find a creative way to use their tank.  Being a strong heavy material makes them perfect for some of the following ideas…

Scuba Post Box
The Scuba Letter Box – complete with a Dive Flag!

Scuba Air Fill Diving ChristchurchScuba tank lamp dive hq christchurch

      Scuba cylinder air christchurch Scuba Tank Air fill Christchurch
Tank Lamps or Candle Holders.  They make a great lamp shade, or base, especially if you engrave the tank.

Scuba TankTest Christchurch
The Tank BBQ or Fish Smoker


Scuba Air Fills ChristchurchScuba Tank Test Air Fill
Get creative with Cylinder Wind Chimes

Scuba tank dive Christchurch AirScuba cylinder air fill Christchurch
The Tank Ashtray, or perhaps a healthier option – the Cylinder Phone Holder

Scuba piggy bank dive hq christchurch
Save your pennies inside a Tank Piggy Bank!

 Scuba tank air fill tank test christchurchScuba Tank dive cylinders Christchurch
Tank Book Ends and the popular Tank Umbrella holders

 Scuba tank re-use
If you are feeling really inspired, you may even wish to make a Tank Cannon!

If you have any other creative ideas for a failed scuba tank, the team at Dive HQ Christchurch would love to hear about them.


Need a New Tank?

When it’s time to purchase a new tank, Dive HQ Christchurch have a popular selection of both Catalina Aluminium Tanks, and Faber Steel Cylinders.  Have a look at our  catalogue or come in to see us and we can advise which style or size would suit your needs.

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