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Advancing towards an Underwater Photographer Career

What are the first steps towards becoming an underwater photographer?

A passion for taking photos combined with a desire to capture images of the unique underwater world and share them with many who may not have the chance to see it with their own eyes, is the motivation behind many underwater photographers.  While the first and most important step in your career is learning to dive safely.

Dive HQ Christchurch’s Diploma Student, Patrick Rose, is studying the year long Diploma of Scuba Instruction Course, and taking his camera with him.  Already we are seeing fantastic images being captured by the enthusiastic photographer.  It’s an exciting journey, to be learning new skills that will help him immensely with his photography in the future.  Recently along with his class mates, Patrick completed the Advanced Open Water Course.  Thank you Patrick, for sharing your thoughts on the experience, as well as many great photos.

Patrick Kaikoura Shell

Beautiful Hermit Crab Shell Captured by Patrick Rose in Kaikoura

Advance Open Water Overview
By Patrick Rose

This year’s Advance Open Water Diving was well satisfying and a great opportunity to revive my skills and look over what I have done three years ago. When I last did the course in 2013 we managed to fill in a variety of training from Peak Performance to Night and Deep Diving in Kaikoura. However I was only 17 and was still getting my head into it, but now things have changed for the better.


Patrick Underwater photography

Macro Photography by Patrick Rose in Kaikoura

I enjoyed visiting Righton Station for our Deep Dive, for it was a place I had never been to in Coleridge and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my buoyancy at those depths. After studying some underwater photography for 2 years and my previous Deep Dive, I was already aware of the loss of the colour red in deeper water as well as pressure crushing a plastic bottle.

Patrick Underater Cray

Cray in Kaikoura by Patrick Rose

For our overnight trip to Kaikoura I enjoyed the opportunity to revise Peak Performance Buoyancy and searching for marine life. This of course gave me the opportunity to capture excellent images of the marine life in another perspective. Unfortunately we were unable to do a night dive because for the change of weather, but “HEY!” we don’t have power over the weather and I look forward to the next night dive in the near future.

Patrick Pickton Underwater

Camouflage at it’s best, Image by Patrick Rose

Lastly to finish off the trip to Kaikoura I enjoyed the opportunity to practice navigation underwater. Though I was a little put off from the current pushing me and my calculations around, “there’s got to be some form of environmental challenge to overcome in order to progress!”

Overall I thought this year’s Advance Open Water Course was well worth it.

Patrick Picton 2

I love my leather jacket – Captured by Patrick Rose


Does a career in Underwater Photography interest you?  Join our next intake, in August 2016 for our Diploma of Scuba Instruction at Dive HQ Christchurch.

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