DIVE Computer Review – The SUUNTO Cobra3 by Colin Wadeson

The Suunto Cobra3 – “Maximise Bottom Time and Safety”

Another step along the path to designing the perfect dive computer has been taken, with the Suunto Cobra3.  This week Colin from Dive HQ Christchurch details some of the beneficial features of the popular Suunto Cobra3 Dive Computer.


The Display

  • Large Screen
  • High Definition electro-luminescent display with dot matrix.
  • Display is adjustable to be on from 5 – 30 seconds
  • Display lights up automatically when an alarm activates
  • Simplified four-button operation which can be used even wearing gloves.

Air Integration Design

  • Your tank pressure is monitored and displayed
  • Rate of air consumption displayed
  • Remaining air time continuously calculated
  • Visual and audible alarms for depth and pressure
  • Warns you when you are running low on air

Nitrox and Gauge Modes

  • Programmable for mixtures between 21% and 50% oxygen
  • Also adjustable for oxygen partial pressure between 1.2 and 1.6 bar.
  • Can be used as a depth gauge and timer with profile memory.
  • Can accelerate decompression by switching to a gas mix with a higher oxygen percentage.

Maximising Bottom Time and Data and Graphs

  • The air integration design allows for calculations to be made for maximum bottom time.
  • The Deep Stop option adds protection with a series of deep stops between your maximum depth and ceiling.
  • You can test upcoming dives, to see the no-decompression and decompression time data for different depths before getting in the water.
  • Graphical logs and dive data is logged onto your computer using Suunto DM4 software
  • Movescount tracks your activity.

3-D Compass

  • The Cobra3’s unique electronic 3D compass can be tilted up to 45 degrees.
  • Guided calibration and declination setting so you can dive worldwide without needing multiple compasses.

Compatibility with other Suunto Products

  • With the Suunto quick release, you connect to the cylinder pressure gauge with one quick move.
  • With the Suunto RGBM algorithm, continuous decompression for optimal ascent time

So if you are still diving using gauges and tables, with short bottom times and long surface intervals, why not consider upgrading to a computer and dive safer for longer!

Come into Dive HQ Christchurch dive shop and Colin or one of the team will help you find the perfect computer for your dives.

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