CORe Reg

Need Some Help Choosing A Diving Regulator?

As dive equipment continues to become more intelligently designed, improving safety and performance and comfort of use, there is also an increasing amount of features to consider when deciding on the best reg for you. So many Regs are more than meets the eye, and it really helps to have our staff at Dive HQ Christchurch Dive Shop here, to help explain their benefits.

A good way to get an idea of popular features, is to have a look at Aqua Lung’s CORE regulator, which Sarah, here at Dive HQ, recommends as providing the best value of any regulator offered today.

CORe Reg

Aqua Lung’s Core Reg


Breathing through the Core Regulator, when rated on the ANSTI breathing machine, comes up with a “superior” rating.  It also comes with a unique auto-closer device (ACD), which has been patented by Aqualung.  This makes sure the water is sealed out, which means you don’t have to worry about corrosive water (such as seawater), getting into the first stage inlet and washing away any lubrication.


Another benefit, which may not be so obvious, is that the Core uses parts that also used in other Aqua Lung models, therefore just like when you are servicing a car, servicing your Reg, becomes so much easier due to reliable availability of parts and servicing techniques.

Comfort and Easy Breathing
The Core Supreme is a balanced cold-water regulator resistant to freezing in waters colder than 10 Degrees C, thanks to it’s environmental dry chamber and a patented heat ex changer that dissipates the cold while drawing in warmth from the surrounding ambient water.  The balanced, forged-brass and multi-coating chrome first stage provides four medium pressure and two high pressure ports, while the easy-breathing, pneumatically-balanced second stage uses Aqua Lung’s ACD (Auto Closure Device), to prevent water ingress.  It is available in yoke or DIN fitting the regulator and also features an easy-grip Venturi lever and Comfo-bite mouthpiece.

When looking for a reliable regulator at a great price Sarah would recommend the Aqualung Core.

As you can see there a number of features to look out for when buying a Reg.  The best way to choose of course is to come in and let the team at Dive HQ Christchurch show you what is available.







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