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I’m a Dive Instructor Now!!!


Our newly qualified SCUBA Dive Instructors are celebrating now, after a fantastic year together, along with myself, Mel Alps, their mentor.  Now is the time to look back and share a few memories and wish my students well for their next adventures and Dive Instructor Careers!

Mia Foley, Tim Walter, Jack Broad and Curt Sutherland have all passed their final exams and are ready to hit the water as Professional SCUBA Instructors.

Becoming a Dive Instructor

Here at Dive HQ Christchurch, you can get a Professional SCUBA Instructor Qualification, by studying with us for the year, a Tertiary Level course, for which student loans and allowances are available.  It’s a great course to teach and to learn and my group this year had a great time.

Starting out as new divers, the students gained a huge amount of experience in a wide variety of conditions.  We dove in Kaikoura, Coleridge, Picton, Pegasus, Akaroa, and not to forget an awesome trip to the Lermontov wreck at the top of the south island.

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Exploring the Lermontov Wreck – Picture Captured by Tim Walter



Course Highlights

I’m sure you guys will be looking back on all our memories and smiling…even the 4 degree water dive at Pegasus!  Of course the trip to the Lermontov ship wreck must have been a highlight – thanks Tim, for some great photos of the trip here.

Good Sports

It was great to have you as part of the Dive HQ Christchurch Team, and what commitment you showed us, Tim and Jack – when you spent the day walking around in your full dive gear handing out information at CPIT! (Glad we have a photo of this!)  I’m sure your wetsuits needed a wash after that sweaty day!  …Mia where is your wetsuit !?

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Mel Alps, Mia Foley, Tim Walters and Jack Broad at CPIT Careers Info



Six months practicing and you are all perfect at hovering during a 5m safety stop!

Tim Walter Diploma 2015 pic10

Safety Stop Hovering

Along with improving your dive skills, you also got very good at spotting sea life, and underwater photography!  We were all thankful to Curt for his great Sand Shark spotting abilities.  Also a big thanks to Tim for these photos, the blue cod picture is amazing!

Tim Walter Diploma 2015 pic8

Blue Cod Image – Captured by Tim Walter



A Ticket to Teach Diving!

Your final instruction from Janine sure made you practice to perfection in your final weeks before the exams which made them seem a breeze.  I’m definitely really proud of you all, and myself, for all we achieved together.  It was great to see your confidence and abilities grow over our year diving together, it really makes my job worthwhile.  I hope to hear about all your adventures and the amazing places your new qualification will take you.   Congratulations to you all and best wishes for your Diving Careers!  Now you are all in the A team for life!

If you are wishing this was you, all set for adventure as a Professional SCUBA Instructor, just give us a call and we’ll send you a Free INFO pack about our courses!


Mel Alps
Dive Instructor

Dive HQ Christchurch
101 Durham St South
New Zealand

Academy of Diving Trust is registered as a Private Training Establishment by NZQA and has approval to sub-contract to Dive HQ Christchurch.

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