Underwater acting

A Big Deep Ocean Full of Diving Careers

There are many exciting career options for those who love the ocean and are passionate about Scuba Diving.

Our Diploma of Professional Scuba Instruction, here at Dive HQ Christchurch, has been the ticket for many of our graduates, leading them into a wide range of jobs, all over the world.

One of the most popular career paths is to become a Scuba Diving Instructor, where you teach others to dive.  This is a job that can be done all over the world, where you are able to explore some of the most beautiful parts of the world – underwater!  Scuba Divers often become specialists in different types of diving, may it be wreck diving, cave diving, ice diving, or diving with new technical equipment.

cave diving

Cave Divers explore and map parts of the world, where very few go.

There is no shortage of Dive Instructor Jobs being advertised internationally, from working on Live-aboard dive ships, cruise ships, managing dive centres to dive instructing in the tropics.  We also have a strong Dive Industry in our own beautiful country, with such an incredible coast line which offers spectacular diving as well as being a haven for hunter and gatherers.


Working on a live-aboard and having access to some of the most beautiful dive sites

Being a professional Scuba Diver also opens up potential for all types of work that involve working underwater, to name a few:

Underwater actors and stunt divers.

Underwater acting

Scuba Divers with The 007 Submarine from “The Spy Who Loved Me”

Underwater Photography and Videography

underwater photography

Capturing images of our beautiful underwater world.


Marine Science, Marine Biology and Research Diving

Marine Research

Studying our underwater ecosystems

Commercial Diving – Engineering/Welding/Construction Underwater


Commercial Scuba

Commercial Divers, Weld, Build, Maintain and Monitor underwater sites


Police Dive Squad – Search and Recovery Diving

Police Diving

Search and Recovery in Ice

Navy Diver


Navy Diver

Navy Diver

Technical Diving

Technical Diving

Maritime Archaeology


Marine Aquaculture

Marine Aquaculture

Seafood Hunting and Gathering


We also know there are many other sides to the Dive Industry, and our Diploma of Professional Scuba Instruction graduates use their knowledge gained with Dive HQ Christchurch to also work within areas such as:

Dive Equipment Sales

Dive Equipment Servicing and Repairs

Tank Filling and Testing

Dive Centre Managing

If you are thinking of a career, that lets you live a more adventurous life, exploring and working in our beautiful underwater world, then get in touch with us at Dive HQ Christchurch.  We have part time and full time study options, for our career courses, for which student loans and allowances are available.

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