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Hold your breath longer

Spearfishing has become a popular sport over the last 10 years, with the number of people giving it a go trebling. Dive HQ has developed a course specifically designed to help beginners right the way through to spero's who has been snorkelling and spearfishing there whole life.

Since we started running the Breath Hold and Spearfishing Courses back in 2010, the course has developed, and has now proven to increase breath hold time, resulting in a more comfortable and prolonged bottom time, with more than 200 satisfied students. 

Our Spearfishing and Breath Hold Course takes place over two sessions either over two evenings or a full day. The first session involves theory in our purpose build classroom and the second a confined water training session in the pool. So come and see how much more bottom time you can gain after completing the course.

We are the Christchurch based freediving and spearfishing specialists, with a dedicated spearfishing room carrying a full range of specialised equipment. 

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Course Overview

Theory Session:


We start by looking at the equipment that you will need to spearfish, the benefits compared to a basic snorkeling set and highlight the differences between models and brands. You will learn the importance of your equipment and how it directly relates to your breath holding ability. Our goal is to make it easier on yourself by using your spearfishing kit properly.

Fish identification

We will show you the best place to shoot a fish and how to manage your catch properly. You will learn about our local fish species, where you would most likely find them and the different ways to attract different target species. Spearfishing is not a tag and release sport so you learn about the different size and daily bag limits.

Breath holding techniques

This part of the course is what everyone wants to learn. This is where everything comes together. The human body is very complex and you will learn how to adapt your body to holding your breath longer. With any breath hold there are dangers, you will be made aware of them and learn how to read you and your buddies body signals when you are pushing the limits too far.

Pool Session:

This is where all the theory gets put into practice. We will evaluate your watermanship skills and put the practical application of breath holding to the test. You will see extended static breath holds in most cases between 100 to 200%.

We will teach you how to rescue a diver from a shallow water blackout.

Course cost: $189.00 ($80 deposit to secure your spot)

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